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So often when we think of 'working on' our close relationships, we think of 'repairing' them! This procrastination bias is perhaps not unlike the rest of our stressful modern lives. We tend to fix what's broken and what's in front of us. Our loving relationships are not immune to this 11th- hour style. But what if the 'remediation' of intimacy wasn't the goal. What if we could practice intimacy as a way to make modern stressors simply an opportunity to grow deeper together. 


Amy Ryk and Matt Sanders, a dynamic duo, are therapists and intimacy coaches. Amy focuses her efforts on Somatic therapies which are revolutionary in the treatment of couples healing through their attachment wounds. 


Matt has his MS in Psychology and Human Development and has dealt with the ruptures and repairs of trust and love in deep intimate relationships. 


Together they have created a unique way of harnessing the skills of great relationships. They have developed several practices including 'cadence, camaraderie, and connection' to understand the intimate power of healthy couples. They would love to give you a preview in hopes of helping make your lives richer and happier while teaching you about growing deeply into intimate relationships.