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Sessions and Presentations



Individual, Couples and Family


I work from a model that combines neurobiology, evolutionary psychology,

and cognitive behavioral techniques.  I try to infuse science and substance into the personal narratives of my clients.  Many describe it as an honest talk about 'primal drives from the safety of their higher selves'.


Sessions often reveal life's true intentions for needs, wants and desires.

In essence, I educate clients on our shared human condition while inspiring their best personal outcomes.


This style works well in large group settings, small group interactive programs, family and individual consulting sessions. Specifically in family sessions,  I offer guidance for best couple's intimacy, expanding child development, tempering adolescent risk-taking, and enhancing parent-child communication.


In a brief consultation, I can teach you to confront both personal and systemic problems with insight, empathy and solution-based skills.  



Communities, Agencies and Institutions


Over the years I have collaborated, consulted and provided training for law enforcement, medical providers, higher education institutions, and high schools across the country.  I enjoy building curriculum to the specific needs of clients.  I have provided many years of thought leadership on social and interpersonal issues of aggression, depression, anxiety, and addiction.  I am  honored to have shaped violence prevention efforts at both state and federal levels.  


Clients include:  The US Department of Justice, The Arizona Governor's Office, Pima County Probation Office, Univerisity of Arizona, California University at Northridge, Sharp Hospital in San Diego, Forensic Legal Services, The Center for Community Solutions San Diego, and California state-wide primary school system.


I am available to consult and assist you in building healthy relationships, safer work environments, and vital communities.


- If we've learned anything from our

primal selves, it's to practice the art 

of higher obligations.

Our moral reasons for violence 

Are merely noble lies and alibis. 


We harm others simply because 

We find permission all around us.


To break abuse cycles both

societal and interpersonal


Requires insight, accountability

and the courage to confront it.


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