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The key to many of our problems is, bluntly, ourselves.  
BASE brings clarity to emotional needs throughout life.  
Balance is our ability to Adapt, Sustain, and Engage.

Virtue's Compass  Deep Brain Work (DBW)

Integrate - Impulse, Cognition, and Higher Purpose.

Navigate -  Liife challenges with awareness and ease.


Child Anxiety and Depression:

The most pervasive mental health issues of our time.


Six million kids:

Suffer severe symptoms previoulsy found only in adults.


Social Anxiety:

Stunts the emotional lives of 3 million children ages 6-13.


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Books & Curriculums

 How Intimacy Survives Marriage

 Venture into the psychology of commitment.

 Discover the gender of 'sex in the brain'.

 Sustain relationships with the fuel of intimacy. 

Evolving the Abusive Mind

Understand how the the primal mind is conditioned.

Discover techniques for minimizing aggression. 

Transform abusive tendencies into safe choices.


Enhancing Parental Outcomes

See your better parent through you kids eyes.

Resist and replace old damaged parental patterns.

Strengthen the bond and motivate good behaviors.


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